How Teaching is
How Teaching is Life-changing
You get to be part of a passionate, diverse, like-minded community of Change Makers. You also learn leadership, collaboration and networking skills.
Many students come from communities where they are first-generation learners. Under your mentorship, they could be the first in their community to go to college.
Research shows that speaking English well increases a student’s employability by 400%. You get to teach them English or a core subject.
How Teaching is
You become a
You launch them
into their career
You do life.
You learn leadership.
Simple Steps to be a
Volunteer Teacher
Commit to teaching for a period of one academic year Jul 2023-Mar 2024, and see your efforts bear fruit.
Pick a center closest to you. This would help you plug-in better with our community, while easing your travel time.
Dedicate 2.5 hours/week on the day of your choice, and based on the slots available to teach a child.
Simple Steps to be a Volunteer Teacher
Apply by choosing your City and Center
Select your zone, city, and the area closest to where you stay, and pick the subject and the timing that best suits your availability.
Is Volunteering for Me?
While you diversify your network, you get to break out of your comfort zone and find meaningful ways to use your professional skills to help the students. You also get a mental break from the stresses at work. Our community is a great mood booster!
A great way to spend your time off from work, you get to discover an unknown passion, learn a new skill and embark on a new career path once your career break is over.
You make a difference, you learn new skills, you create new experiences with a diverse community and most importantly, having student volunteering work on your CV is always a bonus.
You're a student
You're on a break
You're working
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